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Tips for Your Tiny Home – Minimalist Living

Ever feel like your life is overflowing with stuff and dream about a simpler life in a cosy, eco-friendly tiny home?

Tiny home living offers a more sustainable way of life. However, before taking the plunge to downsize, some smart planning is essential. Smaller spaces require clever thinking! This guide equips you with tips to maximise space and create your dream tiny home.

Planning Your Tiny Home

Before you move in, take some time to envision how you plan on using each area of the living space. Ask yourself which activities are the most important to you in your home. Which room will you be spending the most time in?

Do you enjoy cooking? Perhaps a spacious kitchen bench is a must-have for you. Work from home? A designated office could boost your productivity. If you have kids, incorporating a reading nook or gaming area can keep them entertained. 

Declutter Your Life

Living tiny means limited storage space, so decluttering becomes essential. Embrace minimalism early on by evaluating your belongings. Haven’t used something in over 3 months? Consider donating it or taking photos for sentimental items. 

When shopping, measure everything. Opt for lightweight, multi-functional furniture such as fold down options for desks. Research popular space-saving features like Murphy beds that disappear into walls when not in use, and maximise storage by utilising wall space for shelves, cabinets, and hanging organisers.

Bring in the Outdoors

Bring in natural lighting by incorporating large windows. Light plays a huge role in making a small space feel bigger, so you can also use strategically placed mirrors to bounce light around the room or lighter paint colours to create an illusion of spaciousness.

Let the outside in with a beautiful deck or patio. Houseplants and a small indoor herb garden can add a touch of nature. Consider a breakfast bar that opens up to the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy meals with a fresh-air view. By rotating how you use different areas of your tiny home, you will be able to keep things interesting and make the most of your living space.

Living Tiny

Tiny home living isn’t just about downsizing your space, it’s about enriching your life with the things that truly matter. With careful planning and creativity, you can build a sanctuary that reflects your unique habits and values. 

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