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Our Story

In 2017, our founders, Indi and Dominique, began their Tiny Home journey when they fell in love with the Tiny Homes movement that was circulating the United states. Building something that was eco-friendly, sustainable and beautiful became their goal and a dream they wanted to make a reality. With Indi being a qualified C-DBU builder and running his own construction company and Dominique having a fine attention to design and detail, they started doing their own research on other builds and gathering images of Tiny Homes they liked. They soon came up with the Hillside design, boasting character and sophistication, and so they commenced the build.

As the build was documented online and social media, they grew quite a following and decided to build a second tiny home shortly after completing the first. This time with the intention of selling it and maybe turning their hobby and passion into a business, filling a gap in the market with custom built Tiny Homes.

With their first two models built, they decided to have an open day to show their product and passion to people. There was such an amazing response with well over 10,000 people attending as well as local and national media attention.

From here the business continued to grow and lead us to where we are now. We have loved working with all our clients and seeing the different designs and ideas come our way. With experience and precise attention to detail, we are able to create Tiny Homes to the best of quality.

We are now situated in the beautiful Yarra Valley (Launching Place) on 1.5 acres due to the increasing demand for Tiny Homes. Here we are able to work on 20+ Tiny Homes at any given time. If you want to book a factory tour and come visit us on site please click the link below.

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