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Tiny House Regulations Ease in Victoria, Australia

If you want to set up a tiny home on your land in Australia, there are regulations in each state that you should check first. Usually a planning permit is required from your local council to ensure that the tiny home meets safety requirements.

In December 2023 the rules changed in Victoria. No council approval is needed for a property that already has an existing dwelling (house). 

The Victorian Government’s Housing Statement – The decade ahead 2024-2034 has set out a plan to deliver more housing. Anyone can live in or rent out a small second home on their land, providing families with the opportunity to make an extra income which helps with the increasing cost of living. (Source)

Small second homes on the same lot can give kids somewhere to stay when they visit for the weekend or provide a critical second income. Now is the perfect time to get a tiny home on your land and make money on it by becoming an Airbnb host. 

We have a range of tiny homes to choose from, with custom builds to suit your needs and inspiration!

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