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Our factory looks amazing 😍

8m Tiny House

Our factory has never looked better!

With the amount of trailers we have coming in, and the completed Tiny Homes going out, our factory looks amazing! It brings us such joy to know the Tiny Home movement is growing rapidly here in Australia, and its even better to know we are one of many making it happen. Let us take you throguh what we have going on in our factory at the moment.

8m Drop deck trailer

Heavy duty, 8m trailer ready to be registered and start building on in the next week.

7200 Fraser for Sale

This Tiny Home is at lockup stage and is available for purchase.

7m Shepherds Hut

This Shepherds Hut is now complete and will be picked up within the next week.

5.4m Shepherds Hut

This is our display Shepherds Hut that has been snapped up by a customer looking for an extra bedroom. Scheduled to be leaving in the next week

4.8 Wild One

This 4.8m has just had its cedar shiplap boards arrive and will be at lockup within the next 2-3 weeks

Custom 8m

This beautiful 8m Tiny Home twin loft, is a custom design by our customers. We cant wait to see the cladding done on this one.

7.2 Eureka

This beauty was snapped up by a customer at lockup and we are now completing it to be used as another spare bedroom. It will be completed within the next 6 weeks.

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