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Simply Stunning 😍

Custom Tiny Home

We recently had the pleasure of visiting this stunner of a Tiny Home which we completed to lock-up a few months ago. This client was very good with her hands and wanted to complete this inside herself – And what beautiful job she has done. This Tiny Home is now being lived in temporarily while the family builds their home on the same block of land that the Tiny Home is situated on. Such a great idea for those wanting to build!

Lock up inclusions:
– Trailer
– Frame
– Windows
– Roof
– Doors (external)
– Cavity slider frame
– Loft
– Subfloor
– Bracing
– Sheet bracing

This option gives you full control of the final fit-out of your Tiny Home and also saves you money. 

2 Responses

  1. loving the deck, looks like home sweet home. Is that bed up the top ? this build is spacious would be keen to take a look at some of your tiny homes

  2. We’re currently building our tiny house and it’s been so much fun to see our vision come to life. This post is giving me some new ideas!

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