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How it all began..

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Do you know how our business first began? Let us take you back to the very beginning…

Tiny Homes Australia started when Indi’s wife, Dominique, came to him and said she wanted to build a Tiny Home after being inspired by what she had seen on social media.
His first thought was that she was crazy and they didn’t have enough time to start a new project.


They compromised and decided to build their first tiny home.

At the time Paul Hangan (Director) had some spare factory space which is where they began building, what we call, the ‘Hillside’. With Paul’s engineering background and Indi being a registered builder, things worked well as a team!
As the journey was being documented online, we grew quite a big following. We chose to build a second tiny home which was called ‘High Country’
With the first two models built, we decided to have an open day to showcase our product and passion to people that were interested. We had such a wonderful response with over 10,000 people attend that day as well as several media outlets.

Unlike a number of other Tiny Home builders, we began with the backing of Hangan Construction which has 40+ tradesmen. With this background and foundation, customers are confident and able to trust in our ability to produce a quality Tiny Home.

From there, Tiny Homes Australia was born and has now become a large tiny home manufacturer in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We take pride and joy in every Tiny Home we produce and aim to build the very best on the market.

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